Four Seasons Hotel Budapest: Gresham Palace as a Spa Hotel

If you are wondering which is the best spa hotel in Budapest, in all probability most would agree that the best spa treatments by far are offered by the luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest, in the best location of the city, downtown, with fascinating river views over the Danube.

Budapest Four Seasons Hotel

Lobby Four Seasons Budapest Spa Hotel

Lobby Four Seasons Hotel Budapest – Adam Jones Photography

Needless to say, the reviews of Four Seasons Budapest are raving, with the best rates, and the hotel was chosen as the Top 23 Hotel in the World by the travel community of TripAdvisor in 2012.

Spa Hotel or Hotel with Spa?

It is the Four Seasons Budapest where five star is in every detail of the spa facilities, from the creams to the services. Yet, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace is more of a hotel with spa than a spa hotel in the strictest sense of the word, we think. For the simple reason that the top floor pool of the wonderful hotel, dubbed Infinity Pool, is a bit more finite than a true spa hotel pool.

The 4 Seasons Budapest pool is more on the smaller size, so if you want to do laps as part of your Budapest spa break, try to pick another spa hotel in Budapest where the pool or pools are of considerable size, like the Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Budapest, the spa hotel on the scenic Margaret Island (you will notice a huge difference in the hotel room prices too).

Apart from the pool size, which may not be your priority when picking a spa hotel, you will find the Budapest Four Seasons Hotel like a dream come true: fantastic massage treatments, gorgeous facials, mud treatment, exfoliations, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Let’s see what the hotel offers.

Spa Facilities Four Seasons Hotel Budapest

Luxury Treatments Budapest Four Seasons Hotel

  • Restorative Body Therapy – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: this two hour authentic remedial experience begins with a detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt and a mineral based Hungarian thermal mud scrub. The vigorous buffing encourages cell regeneration, and enables the absorption of essential nutrients to deeper layers of the skin. The full body massage is tailored using classic therapeutic techniques to release deep-seated muscular tensions, relieve sensation of tightness and improve flexibility. The fragrant signature blend of essential oils with frankincense, bergamot and calendula adds a long lasting soothing sense and leaves the skin deeply nourished. Length: 120 minutes, Price: approx. 250 Euro
  • Classic Hungarian Body Wrap – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: More than an ordinary wrap treatment, this 1.5 hour long unique body experience begins with an invigorating combination of body brushing and a sea salt exfoliation. A mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud is then applied to the entire body to detoxify, re-balance and provide the skin with essential nutrients. While you are cocooned in this mineralizing wrap a unique firming massage exercises facial muscles for instant lifting. A final soothing body massage using a fragrant blend of essential oils leaves the skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Length: 90 minutes, Price: approx. 185 Euro

Note: prices are subject to change, as are currency exchange rates from Hungarian Forint to Euro.

Massage Treatments Budapest Four Seasons Hotel

The luxury massage treatments in the spa facilities of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in downtown Budapest are loved by many, or even better, adored by many who can afford them. They are a real treat.

There are altogether 7 spa treatment rooms, one of which is specifically for couples enjoying a romantic Budapest break. The lengths and prices of the various massage treatments widely differ in the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest, from 30 t0 90 minute, from 70 Euro to 175 Euro. For a more affordable, but great massage in Budapest, see the prices of Szechenyi Bath massage deals, or Gellert Bath Massage treatments.

Let’s see some of the pampering and refreshing massage therapies offered by the five star Four Seasons Gresham in Budapest:

  • Aromatic Swedish Massage – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: the Swedish massage relaxes the body, stimulates the nervous system and improves circulation. Long, smooth strokes and soothing techniques are used in this full-body treatment, and aromatherapy oils can be applied using light or medium pressure, depending on your preference. Recommended for first-time visitors.
  • Super Energizing Muscle Massage  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: an intense, deep muscle massage combining acupressure, slow strokes, deep finger pressure and other techniques on your stiff back or sore muscles to help relieve chronic patterns of muscle tension in the body. This massage is for those who prefer strong pressure.
  • Deep Tissue Muscle Massage  – Budapest Four Seasons: enjoy a vigorous physical workout of deep rhythmic pressure. Focused on relieving specific stress and muscle tension, this powerful customised massage uses dynamic blends of essential oils to suit individual needs.
  • Ayurvedic Massage / Pindasweda  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: this ancient ayurvedic treatment uses the therapeutic application of heat, herbs and oil. Pindasweda is an aromatic massage that re-balances, detoxifies and relaxes. Our Pindasweda treatment uses potali, which are cotton bundles filled with natural active ingredients combining equal proportions from the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha). We recommend enjoying a steam bath before this massage re-balances your body’s energies and eliminates toxins to restore vibrancy and calm to your body.
  • Deep Tissue Back Massage  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: maximum tension-relieving results for those with minimal time. Specifically targeting the back, shoulders and neck areas, this powerful massage is focused where you need it most. Can be combined with a facial as a pre-facial relaxer.
  • Refreshing Back and Head Massage – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: an intense massage focusing on the back, shoulders and neck. The treatment concludes with a soothing acupressure head massage that eases stress, revives fatigued muscles and rejuvenates the body. Ideal after exercising or travelling.
  • Refreshing Foot Massage  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: This massage stimulates energy pathways through reflexes on the feet, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. this deeply relaxing, pressure point massage incorporates ancient oriental techniques and is based upon the premise that each organ in the body corresponds to a specific point on the foot.
  • Sole Delight Foot Treatment – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: a sensory experience for your feet that promises to leave you walking on cloud nine. Warm aromatherapy oils nourish and condition your feet and nails, providing rich, healing results. Can be combined with a classic pedicure.
  • Therapeutic Massage – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: This firm and invigoration massage is tailored using classic therapeutic techniques to release deep-seated muscular tensions, relieve sensation of tightness and improve flexibility. The fragrant signature blend of essential oils with Frankincense, Bergamot and Calendula adds a long lasting soothing sense and leaves the skin deeply nourished.

Body Treatments Budapest Four Seasons Hotel

Besides the basic beauty services like eyebrow tint or eyelash tint or facials (see below), and standard body treatments, like waxing (full body, full leg, half leg, half arm, underarms, bikini, chin, brows), there is a broad variety of all sorts of luxurious body treatments to choose from when visiting the Gresham Palace, the home of Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest.

  • Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: A detoxifying blend of juniper and lemon decongests and stimulates the body’s systems, improving the dimpled appearance of cellulite and reducing fluid retention.
  • Chocolate Body Treatment  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: lavish your senses and indulge your body with Gerard’s euphoric chocolate body treatment. A special formulation of natural cocoa and sweet almond oil will lift not only your spirits but your skin as well. The chocolate is heated to the perfect temperature, then poured over your entire body to nourish your skin, fulfilling your every chocolate desire with no calories. The treatment is accompanied by a full-body massage to stimulate your soul and topped with Gerard’s chocolate cream lotion. This is the perfect treatment to release stress and moodiness and to moisturise and treat skin that is dry and lacking in tone. If your time is limited, the treatment is also available as a face massage.
  • Omorovicza Body Treatments  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: Omorovicza treatments combine the remarkable effects of Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters with the science of mineral cosmetology, resulting in truly unique and transforming experiences.
  • Cellulite Body Sculpting Therapy  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: Redefine your silhouette with our new Elemis body sculpting treatment. Allow yourself an hour’s indulgence and relaxation and achieve rapid, visible results. Congestion caused by poor circulation, fluid retention and a sluggish digestive system can lead to cellulite, bloating and toxic build-up. This treatment works at the deepest level to flush and cleanse three systems of the body: Specialised massage techniques over the hip and thigh area help to stimulate blood flow and drain away fluid. A detoxifying fennel and birch peel-off body mask helps to firm and smooth the skin. In addition, abdominal massage helps to cleanse the colon, detoxifying the body from the inside out
  • Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: a traditional Balinese recipe of coconut, mung bean, spices and lavender is used to polish the skin and stimulate the senses. The rub is an exotic gentle exfoliator made from coconut, which leaves the skin shining with vitality. Warmed Elemis skin-nourishing milk bath is poured all over the body before you are cocooned in a comforting foil wrap. This opulent exotic therapy is excellent for smoothing and softening and the skin, and is combined with a pressure point facial massage and a de-stress scalp treatment.
  • Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: This exotic exfoliation ritual invigorates and revitalises the body. Elemis exotic lime and ginger salt glow deep cleanses, polishes and softens to perfection, while exotic island flower body lotion leaves the skin glowing, vibrant, replenished – flawless.
  • Contouring Body Treatment  – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel with Spa: This re-sculpting treatment begins with a vigorous yet gentle brushing of the body followed by a detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt and the mineral based Hungarian thermal mud. A Vitamin C rich contouring serum is then massaged into the freshly brushed and buffed skin on targeted areas to stimulate the synthesis of collagen to restore elasticity. An invigorating massage is performed to accelerate the body’s micro-circulation and the skin will appear visible smoother and more supple.

Facial Treatments Budapest Four Seasons Hotel

In addition to the wonderful body treatments and massage therapies at Four Seasons Hotel Budapest, you can enjoy a high quality professional facial treatment. While it is always a risk to trust your face with an unknown beautician, the Four Seasons Hotel’s facials are so great and so impeccable, surely your best bet when it comes to facials in Budapest.

  • Omorovicza Facials – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: Omorovicza treatments combine the remarkable effects of Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters – as experienced in Budapest baths for many centuries – with the science of mineral cosmetology, resulting in truly unique and transforming experiences
  • Gentleman’s Facials – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: During this revitalizing man only facial, mineral-rich Hungarian moor mud draws out impurities and provides essential nutrients to the skin. A thorough cleanse and exfoliation use thermal mud in balm form and organic diatomite to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. A fragrant mud mask is then applied, and a classic Hungarian facial massage instantly lifts and firms the skin. The 90-minute treatment ends with a shoulder massage to relieve tight muscles.
  • Gold Plumping Facial – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: This indulgent treatment begins with a copper-enriched lactic-acid peel to boost collagen production, even skin tone and lighten pigmentation. An anti-inflammatory gold serum then helps to heal accumulated micro-damage and is followed by a unique plumping massage that reduces the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Next, a gentle eye contour massage is performed with cooling derma globes for brighter, refreshed eyes. Finally, a nourishing poultice of organic oats and wheat hydrates the skin and a sprinkling of Gold Shimmer Oil repairs it, leaving the arms, hands and décolleté dazzling.
  • Pava Deep Cleansing and Pore Refining Facial – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: This revitalising facial begins with a thermal cleansing balm followed by an exfoliation using rosemary and pineapple extract to treat sensitive skin and reduce pore size. Next, a mineral-rich and fragrant Hungarian moor mud mask draws out impurities and provides essential nutrients to the skin. Finally, a classic Hungarian facial massage stimulates collagen and elastin production to accelerate the delivery of oxygen and restore the skin’s suppleness. The result is a clearer, fresher and more balanced complexion. The 90-minute treatment includes a detoxifying and stimulating back treatment.
  • Illuminating Facial Treatments – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: This brilliant facial is designed to leave complexion rejuvenated and glowing. The treatment begins with a gentle peeling enriched with copper for an antioxidant collagen stimulating effect. The combination of a re-surfacing rose and peony mask followed by unique plumping massage activates micro spheres encapsulating hyaluronic acid to reduce the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reemerge with a radiant glow. The delicate peel is also applied to the back of the hands to lighten pigmentation and even skin tone.
  • Face and Decollete Treatment – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: This treatment improves circulation and releases stress. Cosmetic face massage encourages products to penetrate the skin and refreshes the face and décolleté.
  • Visible Brilliance – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: Independently tested with revolutionary results, this anti-ageing facial instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps the skin while reducing dark circles around the eye contour. Skin’s moisturise levels are proven to increase considerably after just one treatment.
  • Pro Collagen Marine – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: Using specialised lifting massage techniques and a Japanese silk mask with a pro-collagen booster serum, this exceptional facial helps to slow the signs of premature ageing, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • Skin IQ for Men – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: The ultimate skin overhaul for men, this intelligent anti-ageing facial super-boosts the skin, protecting it against the harsh effects of shaving and environmental damage.
  • Urban Cleanse for Men – Budapest Four Seasons Hotel: A high performance complexion cleanse for total skin-care defence, this super-grooming facial decongests the skin, working to eliminate blocked pores, neutralise impurities and reduce sensitivity.

Manicures and Pedicures Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Budapest

Needless to say, as part of the spa treatments of the Budapest Four Seasons luxury hotel, you can get high quality hand and foot treatments, not only massages, but also proper nail care.

  • Essential Manicure – Four Seasons Hotel Budapest: The essential manicure includes nail and cuticle care and concludes with a varnish of choice.
  • Gentlemen’s Manicure  – Four Seasons Hotel Budapest:: this essential hand treatment includes grooming of the nails and cuticles and a refreshing exfoliation, followed by a hand massage. Nails are buffed to a healthy shine for a professional look.
  • Essential Pedicure  – Four Seasons Hotel Budapest:: This classic pedicure begins a refreshing foot soak and scrub, a nail and cuticle treatment, and a relaxing foot massage. Nails are then perfectly polished.
  • Gentlemen’s Pedicure  – Four Seasons Hotel Budapest:: This traditional pedicure is customised for the needs of an active man. An invigorating buffing exfoliates and softens the feet. Detailed nail grooming is followed by a relaxing calf and foot massage.
  • Polish Change  – Four Seasons Hotel Budapest:: freshen your nails with a change of polish at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Budapest.

While the spa facilities are open daily from 6am to 10pm, the spa treatments are available from 9am to 9pm.

Pool in Budapest Hotel Four Seasons Gresham Palace

Lap Pool Four Seasons Hotel Budapest

Lap Pool Four Seasons Hotel Budapest

The pool is an elongated narrow lap pool in Budapest Four Seasons Hotel. Its length is 12 meter (39 feet), and its depth is 1.2 meter (4 feet).

The pool is open from dawn (6am) to night (10pm). There is also a whirlpool tub near the main pool of the hotel.

Budapest offers a wide range of pool facilities to do some more thorough laps for serious swimmers. Some of the best pools for lap swimming in the city are in the thermal baths:

  • Szechenyi Bath (often chosen as one of the world’s best natural thermal baths)
  • Gellert Bath (one of the best Budapest Art Nouveau attractions)
  • Rudas Bath (a popular Turkish Bath in Budapest)

Alternatively, you can pick another spa hotel in Budapest with a bigger swimming pool, like the Danubius Grand Hotel on Margaret Island Budapest, in the middle of the river Danube, or the very reasonably priced Hotel Aquarium Budapest, off the city center.

Opening Hours of the Pool in the Hotel Four Season Budapest 6 am – 10 pm
Location of the Pool in the Hotel Four Season Budapest Indoor
Length of the Pool in the Hotel Four Season Budapest 12m / 39ft
Depth of the Pool in the Hotel Four Season Budapest 1.2m / 4ft

Fitness Room in Budapest Hotel Four Seasons Gresham Palace

The entire top floor of Gresham Palace where the Budapest Four Seasons Hotel resides, is dedicated to the fitness facilities, which makes it an airy, dynamic place (unlike in some other hotels where the gym is tucked away underground).

Fitness Room Four Seasons Hotel Budapest Spa Facilities

Fitness Room in Four Seasons Hotel Budapest

The gym of Four Seasons Hotel Budapest boasts state-of-the-art equipment in its exercise room. In addition to the fitness hall, there is a unisex sauna, steam rooms (men-only and women-only), the infinity-edge lap pool described above, cardiovascular fit machines and free weights. If you want to get some professional help for your workout, there are certified trainers available upon request.

Opening Hours of the Fitness Room in the Hotel Four Season Budapest 6am – 10pm
Whirlpool of the Hotel Four Season Budapest Available
Sauna in the Hotel Four Season Budapest Available
Steam Room in the Hotel Four Season Budapest Separate for women and men
Weight training in the Hotel Four Season Budapest Free Weights
Certified Personal Trainers in the Hotel Four Season Budapest On Request

Cardiovascular Equipment and Strength Machines

Type Brand Quantity
StairMaster Nautilus 4400 CL 1
Treadmills Excite Run 700 i Treadmill by Technogym 3
Elliptical trainer Cardio Wave 1
Elliptical trainer Technogym Excite Synchro 1
Elliptical crosstrainers Life Fitness 93 3
Elliptical crosstrainers Precor EFX 546 2
Multifunction machine Technogym Unica 1
Steppers Kettler 2
Upright bicycle Life Fitness 9500 HR 1
Recumbent bicycle Life Fitness 9500 RHR 1
Dumbell racks Cybex 2
Dumbells Cybex Twin-Tier 5380 5 – 50 lbs.
Multipla dumbell bench
Adjustable bench 1
Crunch bench 1
Incline bench 1
Fitballs 4
Mats 3
Rubber tubes 3


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    is this possible and what is the cost?

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