Top 5 Spa Hotels Budapest

In our Budapest Spa Hotels Guide, we have handpicked the very best of the spa hotels in Budapest, Hungary for you. The top 5 spa hotels in Budapest are both spa hotels and hotels with spas, where the spa facilities are also matched by the general hotel features: hotel amenities, hotel reviews (min 4 out of 5), location, value for price, and more.

Top 5 Spa Hotels in Budapest

Budapest SpaHotels Four Seasons Spa

Budapest SpaHotels: Four Seasons Top Floor Pool and Spa

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest is not only the best hotel in Budapest, but as a top notch luxury hotel in Budapest, it is also one of the best spa hotels (or more strictly speaking, 5 star hotel with spa facilities and treatments). You can enjoy luxurious spa holidays in the best location in Budapest: city center by the river Danube. The hotel is in a historical 19th century building with tasteful and authentic Art Nouveau decorations.

Pool in Corinthia Hotel Grand Budapest Esther Dyson

Pool in Corinthia Hotel Grand Budapest – Esther Dyson Photography

Corinthia Grand Hotel Budapest offers five star luxury hotel services paired with an excellent spa experience, often at a more affordable four star price. The location of the hotel is in the happening area, close to Budapest attractions (along Andrassy Avenue), and many restaurants and shows (Opera, Operetta, etc.). The hotel feels like a grand palace of European high society.

Rooftop Pool at Continental Hotel Zara Budapest

Rooftop Pool at Continental Hotel Zara Budapest

Continental Hotel Zara Budapest is by far one of the most visited Budapest hotels with the most favorable rates and reviews – also for its reasonable prices. Hence this hotel is definitely in out Top 5 Budapest Spa Hotel list.

The 4 star hotel features both an indoor and outdoor rooftop pool, as well as further spa facilities. If you want a Budapest spa break for a great value, Hotel Zara is an ideal choice. Before you book a spa holiday in Hotel Zara, do check if the offer includes the free use of spa facilities (often not).

Margaret Island Budapest with the Danubius Hotels

Margaret Island Budapest with the Danubius Hotels

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Budapest is not only a hotel with spa, but an actual spa hotel on Margaret Island, a green island with lots of recreational programs, running track, swimming pools, bike routes, etc. Considering that Danubius Hotel Margitsziget features spa pools with thermal waters, offers popular spa programs, and four star spa treatments at competitive prices, it is an ideal hotel for the more intensive spa experience. Very good value for money. Another spa hotel in the Danubius hotel chain is the Hotel Gellert with the famous Gellert Spa and Thermal Bath. While the Art Nouveau bath is beautiful and one of the best natural thermal baths in Europe, the hotel is somewhat outdated, and could do with a restoration to preserve its old glory.

Pool in Oriental Spa Budapest Ramada Resort Aquaworld Hotel

Pool in Oriental Spa Budapest Ramada Resort Aquaworld Hotel

Ramada Resort – Aquaworld Budapest is a modern spa hotel with a wide range of contemporary spa facilities aimed at both adults and children. Therefore, we think the Ramada Aqua World Budapest Hotel might be most suitable for families seeking a spa experience for the whole family, especially in winter months when the indoor spa facilities offer some of the best child friendly things to do in Budapest. The Ramada Resort Spa hotel in northern Budapest is also ideal for young couples who enjoy mixing fun with spa experience. The only drawback of picking as the Ramada Resort spa hotel is that the hotel is off the city center, and won’t be the best option for a general sightseeing and spa holiday in Budapest.

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